Our poultry feeds are specially mixed to give your flock the proper building blocks for profitable egg production, weight gain and overall health. We’ve got the recipe to target your flock’s specific needs.

Livestock ProductsDairy

Our livestock feeds are specially formulated to keep your cows be healthy and productive. We use only the highest quality probiotics to help maintain your cows’ gastrointestinal (GI) health and immune system, ensuring peak production and growth.


We know that proper nutrition for goats and sheep is important at all ages in order to maximize profit potential. Our custom blends offer your animals the nutritional requirements they need during all of the various stages of maintenance, growth, pregnancy and lactation.


Our goal is to supply your pigs with the proper nutrients to reach market size in a shorter time while insuring healthy and efficient swine production. Our swine blends take your pigs’ energy requirements into account in order to grow at their maximum potential.

Healthcare & Supplements

Do your animals have special needs or health concerns that need to be addressed? We have the right blend of proteins, vitamin blends, amino acids and probiotics to keep your animals healthy and performing at their best.

Non-GMO Conventional

These products are manufactured with a combination of Non-GMO conventional feed grains, and Certified Organic (Also Non-GMO) feed grains. We use Envirologix Quick Scan system, to ensure that our incoming grains are Non-GMO.

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