Non-GMO Layer Pellets

  • Minimum Lysine 0.8%
  • Minimum Methionine 0.3%
  • Minimum Crude Protein 17%
  • Minimum Crude Fat 3.5%
  • Maximum Crude Fiber 6.0%
  • Minimum Calcium3.95%
  • Maximum Calcium4.7%
  • Minimum Phosphorus 0.55%
  • Minimum Salt 0.3%
  • Maximum Salt 0.4%

Feeding Instructions:Feed free choice to laying hens from 16 weeks of age, or at onset of lay, to end of production. A scratch feed may be used with this product as needed to
keep litter loose. If using scratch feed, only feed as much scratch as the hens can clean up in 20-30 minutes, once per day.

We proudly use:

  • Bio-Mos
  • GEO Bond

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