Non-GMO Pig Grower Pellets

  • Minimum Selenium 0.4ppm
  • Minimum Zinc 161ppm
  • Minimum Lysine 0.8%
  • Minimum Crude Protein 16%
  • Minimum Crude Fat 2.75%
  • Maximum Crude Fiber 6.%
  • Minimum Calcium0.8%
  • Maximum Calcium1.05%
  • Minimum Phosphorus 0.55%
  • Minimum Salt 0.2%
  • Maximum Salt 0.4%

Feeding InstructionsFeed to pigs free choice (4-8lbs/day) depending on consumption rate.(feed as much as can be consumed between feedings. Two feedings per day.) Supplemental feeding of corn may be used if a fattier pig is desired.

May also be used as a maintanence diet for adult boars.

We proudly use:

  • Bio-Mos
  • GEO Bond

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